The ultimate goal of gold exploration is extraction. We provide comprehensive mining consulting services with international experience and technical excellence through a low corporate overhead approach.

We conduct due diligence for the acquisition of gold mining projects by investigating a business prior to signing a contract for potential gold mining investment in order to confirm all material facts in regard to a sale.

We design, develop and construct gold extraction methods considerably based on the safest, cost effective, and most efficient method of gold mining.  Our team has a global experience across all facets of the mine life-cycle.

Our mining designs and study services include;

  • Open pit and underground mine design
  • Mine planning and optimization
  • Financial analysis and constraint modeling
  • Mine production and cost optimization
  • Material handling system design
  • Underground rock mechanics
  • Underground mine ventilation
  • Practical safety plan development and audits

We offer an independent opinion to confirm the safety of the acquisition under consideration from a technical, environmental, financial, and social viewpoint, and present our findings in a well-organized report.