Linked unit operations require each to be stable, and each contains a different set of variables that have to be controlled. The more complicated the process becomes, the more difficult it is to achieve and maintain stability.

In gold production, unlike most processing operations, there is limited control of the main input, the feed gold ore. Each gold processing plant is different with varied gold ore types, processing equipment, and operating philosophy.

The evaluation and prioritization of variables that affect the gold plant’s performance is the primary function. The ability to solve problems can be confusing due to the large number of variables that may impact the processes. In most cases, problems are not metallurgical in nature but rather operational and mechanical.

The ultimate goal of gold extraction is the beneficiation and profitable sale of gold commodities. We design gold recovery circuits for both small and large-scale gold extraction units. Gold recovery techniques like gravity concentration, flotation, and CIL/CIP/CIC are devised depending on the nature of the gold ore (commercially viable concentrations of gold).

In our designs, we assist you to understand process optimization and process control including the effect of disturbances on the optimal plant operation, the concepts of steady-state and dynamic backoff, and how to determine optimal values for control parameters.

We set KPIs for gold plant operation based on the design and we develop an excel database for production tracking in which metallurgical balance, metallurgical accounting, and gold metal reconciliation are performed depending on the methods of gold recovery involved.

Our Metallurgical services include but are not limited to;

  • Process Plant Design and Audits
  • Process Flowsheet Design and Development
  • Heap Leach Pad and Tailings Facility Design
  • Plant Auditing, Optimization, and Trouble Shooting
  • Gold Metal Accounting and Production Reconciliation

We perform the following metallurgical test works onsite when needed by our clients;

  • Size classification and screening
  • Gravity concentration
  • Batch flotation
  • Solid-Liquid Separation
  • Bottle roll and tank leaching
  • Cyanide detoxification

We carry out gold plant efficiency studies, bottleneck analysis, troubleshooting, and capacity upgrades. Our studies and recommendations will improve your competitive edge by helping you to achieve better run factors that enable you to;

  • Assess the real-time operation of your process plants
  • Analyze Key Performance Indicators
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Troubleshoot and upgrade your operations

We conduct technical process plant valuations for the specific purposes of our clients. Our comprehensive valuations consider business assets, historical earnings, market, gold mining and production methods, maintenance, and reliability of the operations, operation philosophy, management, financials, future projections, etc.

We carry out independent valuations of gold plants processing facilities as required for:

  • Financing/collateral
  • Accounting for plant depreciation purposes
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Insurance coverage

We are experienced in utilizing several appraisal methods depending on the need of our clients, such as valuations based on:

  • Replacement cost approach
  • Present value of discounted cash flows
  • Comparable recent acquisitions
  • An EBITDA multiple for the industry

Our valuations take into consideration market growth and stability, raw materials reserve for the predicted life of the facility, and substantial capital investments which may be required due to upcoming environmental or other factors external to the facility.

We deliver a comprehensive written report as the finished product of valuation.