We carry out gold exploration to identify areas with gold potential, produce basic geo-data and promote them for local and foreign investments. We generate gold mining targets by investigating the geology of the area via mapping, modeling, and testing that may include but are not limited to;

  • Structural, Fault, and Seismotectonic Mapping
  • Exploration Sampling Program Design
  • 3D Geological and Structural Modeling
  • Slope Stability and Seismic Hazard Analysis
  • Exploratory Data Analysis

After generating targets, we undertake resource evaluation to quantify the grade and tonnage of a gold occurrence. The aim of resource evaluation is to expand the known size of the gold deposit and mineralization. We often carry out a scoping study on the ore deposit during this stage to determine if there may be enough ore at a sufficient grade to warrant gold extraction and if there is not, we perform further resource evaluation by drilling.

We conduct reserve definition to convert a gold mineral resource into a gold ore reserve, which is an economic asset. The process is similar to resource evaluation, except that, this is more intensive and technical, aimed at statistically quantifying the grade continuity and the mass of gold ore.

At this stage, we identify the milling and extractability characteristics of the gold ore and collect bulk samples for metallurgical test works, involving crushability, floatability, and other gold ore recovery parameters. At the end of this process, we publish a feasibility study that may deem the gold ore deposit to be either uneconomic or economic for mining.